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Party Connect Attendance

Party Connect Attendance is plugin for easy way to add yes/no list for all your party guests.


Party connect attendance is plugin for WordPress which allows user to create list of guest for party. Each guest can select if he comes or not. This attendance is easy to use because it does not require user registration. Just one click and it is done. Plugin also allows guest to select if they come lonely or bring someone with them (this abilit is provided by small dropdown menu).

History and reason

Project was created in the middle of year 2015. Primary reason of this plugin was attendance for wedding. On the other way, there is no reason why this plugin can not be used for any type of party. And that’s it.


  1. Download plugin
  2. Activate plugin
  3. Add guests
  4. Add shortcode to your page. Shortcode is [PARTY_CONNECT_ATTENDANCE]
  5. Enjoy


Download the Party connect attendance.


This project is available on

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